A soldier’s story

September 11, 2013
by Seb Carayol


What’s Drake Jones’ most memorable moment at FTC? In his own words:

“It happened at the old shop when the first Girl video had just come out. So, me, Mike Blabac and a friend of his went to FTC to try and watch it. Sean Sheffey was and is a huge influence to who I am and how I skate, watch old Life videos and you’ll see! I only wish I skated as fast as he did. Oh well. So we run in and ask John to see the vid. I guess I was asking a bunch of questions about Sean’s part and John told me it was a shorter part. I must have been so bummed that I was only gonna get to see a lil’ bit of my favorite skater that I must have said loudly, “That sucks!” or something. To my surprise, Sheffey was standing like 10 ft. to the left of me… Oops.”

What happened next? Only a few weeks left until you find out in the FTC book!

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