Wrap ‘em Up, feat. James Kelch

December 2, 2013
by Seb Carayol


From the weird way the first video was almost titled From Prince to Pauper, to inventing a certain type of bolts, FTC carries its share of little-known facts and anecdotes. Since most of them are in the FTC book, here’s already one, as an appetizer of sorts…

The day he bought a brand new bench, Kent Uyehara was infuriated to find out it got tagged right away. Since he knew who the culprits were (only one guy and his girlfriend had sat on it since its installation), he chased them down the street.
While he was arguing for them to come clean their mess, an always helpful James Kelch showed up out of nowhere, and did that EMB-copyrighted trick he called “Wrap Em Up,” where you turn people’s own shirts into straight jackets. Going through the guy’s pockets, the enforcer found a pen, which led the wrongdoer to admit: it was his girl’s first tag.
As it turns out, unbeknownst to Kent, the tagger went on to become highly-acclaimed artist XXXXXXX.
“Years later, we went to one of his openings,” Kent remembers, “I introduced myself and he straight up ran away. I hadn’t recognized him, at all.” As a proof that water has run its course under many bridges since, XXXXXXX and Kent are now very good friends and the artist was invited to design a bunch of decks through FTC’s collab program.

To find out who the artist was, well, guess what? Not to sound like a broken record but kinda: just order the book already, over here

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